Welcome to the Nourishing Way Blog!

I guess you could say that the blog pages are under construction – which is a nice way of saying I have much to offer you but will have to slow down enough to pull it together.  Check back from time to time.  There’s a lot for us to talk about…

On these pages you will find opportunities to engage the questions, what is it to nourish, to be nourished? What is it to engage life in a nourishing way?

Radish, Radish, Carrot, RadishFrom recipes to nutritional science, Let’s Eat will have the latest ‘news you can use’ to feed yourself and your loved ones with more ease and in a way that supports your health and well being.


163In Food for Thought, I will be engaging the process of nourishing in my own life and will offer what I am discovering. I realize that while I feel deeply called to frame nutrition (and life) within this larger paradigm, I don’t yet have an embodied knowledge of exactly what this means.  So as I teach, so too will I be on the path myself.


And finally, Beauty and Revolution is a call to action to nourish and inspire heart and spirit.



I invite you to engage and comment. Thank you for joining me on the journey!