IMG_1649Welcome to Nourishing Way Nutrition LLC!

I am Beth Austin, MS, CNS, certified nutritionist and your partner here at Nourishing Way Nutrition in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I believe that a return to real, whole foods provides the foundation for a lifetime of nourishment and good health. I practice integrative and evidence-based clinical nutrition that includes food and supplement recommendations based on your health goals, diet assessment, detailed health history and labwork review.  I will show you how to balance your diet with the right carbs, fats and proteins to maximize nutrition or to correct nutritional imbalances that underlie health conditions.  This includes developing meal plans and exploring new recipes.  I will provide suggestions for streamlining your planning, shopping and cooking to make the whole process easier.

Nourishment on all levels is also important.  Together, we will look at everything – lifestyle, sleep, stress, mood, energy, health issues, what is working well and what is not – because what is going on nutritionally affects it all.  My goal is not to give you yet another diet to follow.  Rather, my goal is to offer you tools and knowledge and empower you so that you feel confident that you can make food choices  that support and nourish you.

So what is my philosophy?  Bottom line – everyone deserves to eat well, be nourished and THRIVE!

I feel grateful every day that I get to do what it is I do.

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