Nourishing Way Nutrition provides a variety of nutrition services and counseling to support your health and well being.

You may want to transition from processed foods to a balanced, healthy whole foods lifestyle.  Or maybe your diet is already great and you are ready to take it to the next level with seasonal eating, fermented foods and bone broths. Perhaps you have a specific health condition or food sensitivity to address, wish you had more energy or could reduce your stress, or are just plain confused about all the nutrition information out there and would like to feed yourself and your loved ones in a more nourishing way.  I can help!

I recognize that each individual and situation is unique.

I partner with you.

  I start wherever you are.

I tailor our work to meet your specific needs.



Integrative nutritional counseling sessions are in-depth personal consultations that include a detailed diet and nutritional evaluation, comprehensive health history and lab work review. Together we will develop a strategy that will support you in achieving your health goals.  You will have plenty of time to have your questions answered.  You will receive customized meal plans, supplement and lifestyle recommendations that meet your unique needs.

YOU gain the confidence that YOU can choose and prepare foods that support and nourish you!

You have a partner to walk with you on your journey, and support you in your progress in reaching your goals.

Who should book a consultation?  Anyone who wants to…Healthy Variety of Color

  • Eat healthier but finds good nutrition confusing or overwhelming
  • Develop on-the-go strategies to get healthy family meals on the table fast
  • Experience increased energy and vitality (less fatigue and stress!)
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Improve digestion and gut health
  • Experience deeper and more beneficial sleep
  • Address nutritional imbalances that may be associated with specific health conditions such as allergies, inflammation, fatigue, food sensitivities, cardiovascular issues, blood sugar or thyroid imbalances, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, arthritis, depression, mood swings and more



IMG_1879Do you wish you could eat better but feel mystified and overwhelmed the moment you walk in the store? Transitioning to a whole foods diet is a process!  Cart Smart tours are designed to equip you with information and tools to help you make healthier choices and get more nutrient-rich foods on the table. We’ll meet at the location of your choice and while you shop, you will learn to decipher nutrition labels and compare ingredients, find healthier alternatives to foods you commonly eat,  stock a healthy pantry and refrigerator, identify seasonal, local or organic foods, and save time and money while shopping.


IMG_1914Yes!  I make house calls! Often what we eat is a function of the ingredients we have on hand. Whether you are revamping your diet, setting up a pantry for the first time, or suspect you need a complete do-over of the one you already have, I can help! I will come to your kitchen and show you how to transition away from processed foods to healthier alternatives (have a trash bag on hand!). You will learn to identify and store some of the most nutrient-rich foods to keep stocked for preparing easy, nutritious meals and snacks.   We will also discuss useful pots, pans and other equipment that simplify the process of whole foods meal preparation.


06-HealthyBreakfast-081413From basic cooking skills to preparing meals for specialty diets, the topics are vast. Classes are specially designed to take your skills to the next level.  I provide individual lessons or classes for groups and parties.  Call me – I will be happy to design a class that meets your needs.



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